Places, objects and ideas from the shadows

Black Scrying Mirrors


Black Scrying Mirrors, also known as ‘magic mirrors’ are made of black obsidian. Obsidian is a natural form of volcanic glass and can be polished to a very high standard. Its perfect deep blank and flawless consistency makes it is perfect for ‘scrying’, a type of divination that involves gazing into a blank surface. Black mirrors are supposedly much more effective for scrying than a normal mirror.

Scrying comes from the English word ‘descry’ which means ‘to succeed in discerning’ or ‘to make out dimly’. Ink, blood and other dark liquids were used by Egyptian scryers.

Nostradamus scryed with a bowl of water set upon a brass tripod. The inside of the bowl was painted black. He would dip a wand into the water and anoint himself with a few drops, then gaze into the bowl until he saw visions.

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